ellipse inc
1.) How successful would you rank your organizations implementation of technology?
  We have good intentions
2.) How often do you shop your on-site agents online?
  As Needed
3.) What methods do you use when you shopping your leasing agents?
  In Person
  Combo of 1,2&3
  Combo of 1,2,3, and 4
  We donít shop
4.) Who updates your propertyís online content?
  Regional Supervisor
  Marketing Director
  Executive Admin/Corporate Admin
  Onsite Property Manager
  Leasing Agent
  PMs Integration
  I am not sure?
5.) What is your primary means of training on-site agents to use technology driven products or services?
  Classroom sessions
  Managers Meetings
  Service Providers Offer Online or Teleconference Training
6.) ďDoes your company have a benchmark cost per Lead to help determine the value of an ILS (internet listing service)?Ē
7.) And if so, what is your companyís benchmark cost per Lead for evaluating Internet Listing Services?
  Less than $10 per lead
  $11 - &15 per lead
  $16+ per lead
  We look at leases, not leads
8.) What is your current Internet Cost Per Lease?
  $50 - $100
  $101 - $150
  $151 - $200
  $201 - $250
  $251 +
  Don't Know
9.) Have you ever run a Paid Placement campaign with a search engine?
  I donít know
10.) Does your company currently use alternative online (example: craigslist or my space) advertising?
  I donít know
11.) How many leases have you received in the last 12 months through your alternative online advertising?
  I don't know
12.) Are you currently using on line work order, residents portals, etc.?
  I don't know